Female Values

Keynote and panel discussion in the context of the MAK FUTURE LAB

Being creative, empathizing, caring, and educating are considered to be key skills for “work of the future.” This, however, is exactly the kind of work that, for a long time, was unpaid and, today, is mostly badly paid—and carried out by women. What can the fact that female work receives comparatively little material but also social recognition be traced back to? Is the patriarchy the driving force behind capitalism or is the exact opposite the case? Can digitalization help us to re-evaluate work and “re-feminize” culture and the economy? How patriarchal is artificial intelligence and how can feminism influence digitalization? Will this increase the value of women?

Keynote: Katharina Mader (feminist economist, WU Wien)

Panel members
Katharina Mader, Feminist Economist, WU Wien
Anne Faucheret, Curator, Kunsthalle Wien
Martina Schöggl, Chairwoman of The Sorority, Association for Interdisciplinary Networking and Career Development of Women in Vienna
Anna Schwarz, Artist
Moderator: Janina Falkner, Curator, MAK

Admission € 5 (incl. admission to the museum)

Keynote and Panel Discussion in context of the MAK FUTURE LAB, financially supported by the EU program Interreg V-A Slovakia–Austria (Project “Design & Innovation”).




TUE, 18.06. / 19:00



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