"Hysterical Mining" Reading Session

Frauen präsentieren Teile der ersten vier Armeecomputer. Von links nach rechts: Patsy Simmers (Mathematikerin / Programmiererin), hält ENIAC; Frau Gail Taylor, hält EDVAC; Frau Milly Beck, hält ORDVAC; Frau Norma Stec (Mathematikerin / Programmiererin), hält BRLESC-I, 1962. Aus den Archiven der Technischen Bibliothek der ARL. Historische Computerbilder. Foto © U.S. Army Photo

Reading session with Juliane Saupe, Eleanor Taylor & Anne Faucheret

On occasion of the Hysterical Mining exhibition, a host of readings will take place in the discursive space at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz. The Hysterical Mining Library serves as the catalyst to mine into and unearth excerpts deemed valuable to voice and discuss. Each reading session will comprise of three speakers, alternately taking the stage to share out loud the words of artists, novelists, feminists, scientists, historians, philosophers and theorists. An open conversation will follow the readings. Come to listen and join in the conversation! (In English)

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket

Further dates:
Sun 15/9, 7 pm: Reading session with Vanessa Joan Müller, Maximilian Steinborn & Anne Faucheret

Tue 24/9, 7 pm: Reading session with Community College (in English)


TUE, 01.10. / 19:00

Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz


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