The Crazy RobotRace
wienXtra Ferienspiel / Workshops for kids ages 6–10

Tue 9/7 – Thu 11/7
Sat 13/7
Tue 16/7 – Thu 18/7 2019
10 – 12 am

Workshops for kids ages 6–10

Robots also have plenty of time to spend during the summer holidays, waiting for you to build the most creative, colourful, coolest and craziest robot racing track. Be inspired by the artistic work of the exhibition Hysterical Mining on the subject of artificial intelligence and robotics, and join us in creating a trail for our wild robot gang!

EUR 2 / with Kinderaktivcard free
EUR 4 for adults
Registration under:


09.07. – 18.07.

Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier


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